It’s dark and deep

Wednesday’s adventure kicked off with breakfeast at, you guessed it, Good Harvest Cafe. Jim raved so much about the red snapper at the first breakfast, that three-quarters of our party did that, including Flip. They were not disappointed. Laura tends to go her own way, but really had a great culinary experience, too.

We wound up going straight to the Oregon Caves National Historic District, after contemplating more redwood adventures at the Hiouchi Visitor Center. Good thing, as there was a 1.5 hour wait, once you made the twisty-turny, crazy ride up. Baby-rider Laura did really well passing her first reality switchback and hairpin turn test. However, parking at the top posed a real problem. As she pulled into the slot, the downhill slope overwhelmed her motorcycle mass, and as she screamed “catch me” over and over into her helmet microphone, she slowly and inexorably headed toward the ground.

Her traveling companions were helpless, and everyone knew how this was going to play out – horizontally.  Laura survived with a scrapped elbow and a tweaked highway peg (bikers will know). The trip down was truly a denouement, but fun to take all those curves.

Shout out to Shilo Inns in Grant Pass as their regular $81 rate went down to $64 since Carl was in the Air Force.

We are battle-weary, cave-competent and wanting this adventure to go on forever.

Thursday, it’s Crater Lake, the Vortex  and maybe, Bend.

Play on!