Day 6: The longest ride, so far

We’re a pretty ambitious crew. From our comfy rooms at the Shilo Inn in Grants Pass, we hit the Oregon Vortex and the House of Mystery, Crater Lake, many, many small towns, Bend and the Deschutes Brewery downtown with Kelsey and Elizabeth and then Laura’s first after-dark highway drive to the Eagle Crest Lodge in Redmond. All told more than four hours on the road. Ouch.

Seriously, there are more windy roads than imaginably possible. Carl and Laura like to joke about the drunken deer who created the trails that our roads were based on. These guys were friggin’ loopy. That is until we cleared Crater Lake and were on the road to Bend, which had nary a loop to be seen. Somebody was using his pica pole when he marked out this one.

So, long ride, short: Thanks for no rain or hail. New asphalt is not too much fun to ride on. There is a naysayer in ever Vortex tour group. You CAN have too many ‘S’ curves. You do NOT have to clean your plate. There are turkey crossings. The wind in Central Oregon may beat the wind AND rain on Highway 101 for most fun while riding a motorcycle, not. Drivers are more impatient in Central Oregon. Vertigo doesn’t go away just because the sheer drop offs are really pretty. Flip is a great way to make friends.