Thrice the fun in Missoula

So, can Missoula top Coeur d’Alene. Darn close, mainly because we met up with good Associated Press Media Editors Board alum Peggy Kuhr and very cool sister, Barbara Kuhr at Caffe Dolce. We split lamb burgers and sparkling fun and had a great time. Then, brother Shawn hit town and started the family party going.


Carl needs help being properly scared about selfies on the road. Nuff said.


Carl found the perfect place to stay in Missoula, the Wingate, across from the Harley dealership and the Big Sky Brewing Co. Unfortunately, neither served food, so we wound up with convenience-store corny dogs and some poppers. Culinary mecca? Not yet.



So, these things called ground squirrels or prairie dogs, they bear a faint resemblance to a certain Flipster, if you squint your eyes. However, they would not answer the doorbell for a second look.




Going to the source.


Horns are very cool!


Clean clothes are cooler.


Hanging out with Peggy and Barbara Kuhr at Caffe Dolce. What great fun!

IMG_0090_2Let’s hit the road and see how the new converts¬†do.