The Howard Lavelle Sellers Memorial Day/Cruise

Dad’s ashes and a lock of his baby hair, which was oddly dirty blonde. Peace.

Ten years ago today, Howard L. Sellers checked out. It’s horrible that this loss of such a force in our lives becomes so apparent in its absence.

At the funeral, only sister Kim had the presence of mind to speak with such a powerful tribute. I’ve admired her, even more, ever since,

A decade later, we gather as the guests of Marilyn and Jim Parke to have a more realistic  parting with someone who changed and molded all our lives beyond measure.

We all traveled from afar: Kim’s family from Canada; Jana’s from South Carolina; Marilyn and Jim from Utah; Shawn hauling tail over the highways from Texas (um, South Texas). Carl, Flip and I undertook our longest motorcycle ride (The Howard L. Sellers Memorial Ride) to meet at the Lodge at Whitefish Lake.

We will add more later as we get photos and videos from the others, but this was an emotional, fun, staggering day. At the end, is a poem for Dad.