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Baggage to beverage and family in between

On the carousel
 Flip gets a ride after a long flight. Fortunately the bags came pretty quick and Debbie and Syvlia swooped  in and  delivered us to our final destination.
Dad, boychild, Flip and planes
David shares just one of more than 100 model airplanes, which are really handcrafted and to scale and freakin’ awesome. Flip’s a bit blown away and snuggles close to Carl.
Lovebirds enjoying some dandy Mexican at Tia Rosa’s in Mesa. Flip is enchanted.
What a relief
After dinner and drinks, what a relief.
Flip's audition as a bird
In David and Jean’s backyard, Flip seizes the opportunity to sample some gourmet bird food, or so he thinks.
Flip's apertif
Well played, Flip! Well played.