Got Wood?

On Day 4, we bid a fond farewell to the sunny Oregon climes for the gray, chilly wet weather in northern California, I kid you not.

Five miles in the thunder hit. A few miles more the rains came. Not your average Oregon spritz, but a friggin’ downpour. For those who don’t ride motorcycles, each raindrop has a grain of dirt in it, so when it hits your face, ow! Think dermabrasion or sandblasting.

We made Crescent City just fine, and have new stories to tell. Despite the weather and traffic surprises, we are laughing our tails off at the end of each day.

Our trip to Trees of Mystery was a windy, poorly paved coastal road, that was likely very pretty, but the fog was so heavy, it was like a snow whiteout.  We had a blast at Trees of Mystery, and Flip especially liked the Sky Ride. Video coming in the future.

We love the Curly Redwood Lodge and all its retro redwood goodness. This was a great launch pad for our adventures in California. We also love the Good Harvest Cafe. In fact breakfast today will make our third visit there.

I think we’ll be back. In fact, we are arguing about whether we can squeeze in one more day here …