Cruising (and cursing) though Day 7

Day 7 was mostly on the road. After a lazy morning sleeping in and a late breakfast, we took a ride back to Bend to check out the local H-D house. This, like most of our travels though Bend, turned out to be harder than it should be. We did a lot of cussing and backtracking and there were no signs to guide our way. But after a few “oops” turn-arounds and finding the alleyway masquerading as a road, we landed. Our marriage still somewhat intact, Laura made a sanity saving purchase. Harley truth: A good pair of gloves makes all  the difference in the ride. It only took her seven days to learn it, but what a difference.

Then, off to Sisters, which has the Cannon Beach vibe. Sisters offers lots of shops to wander through. One again, it proved a blessing to be on bikes. We went through several antique/Western shops and Sharon might have loaded up, were it not for our limited space. Then she found the quilt shop (we are at four for this trip). A gentleman sitting out front said he could get 40 pounds of fabric on his bike. How much could we carry?

We stopped at Bronco Billy’s Ranch Gill & Salon for a quick snack, which wasn’t so quick. Bartender Deanna was having a not so good day. We kept over hearing other staff ask her for things and she would reply ” haven’t seen that in a while.” It was like someone came in and moved everything around on her. They were a little busy and she was the only one in the bar. We don’t remember seeing a harder-working server, who had no hope of ever getting ahead. After it all, she did not charge us for our drinks, saying “There were too many mistakes and she wanted to take care of us.” That is service.